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Coordinating schedules, grocery lists, messages, and especially finances can be stressful and time consuming. 

Wouldn't it be great if there was a friendly, busy bee who could help you with all that? There is.

His name is Buzzter! 

Buzzter is a wiz at showing you all your finances in one spot, your partner's calendar next to yours, a private messaging history, grocery lists, and much more.

Help Buzzter help you, and join us to create a happy world of hives!​


The idea for this app started as soon as we moved in together. Two tech people had no tech solution to living and coordinating life, including for our puppy, Luke.


There were plenty of apps that did everything separately, but not a single app that did it all. Going through multiple apps multiple times is inconvenient, and worse, wastes a lot of time.


So, we decided to make one. We want our hive to be happy, and we want the world to be filled with happy hives too. This app takes care of all the details so you don't have to be a busy bee, and can thrive instead.

See everything you need to plan your day at a glance, and rearrange the cards for your personalized view.


How much do we owe this month for electric?


What's going on tomorrow night?


Do I need to pick up honey?


Did my honey message me?

Buzzter has the answers.

Check out your dedicated financial dashboard to:


see your finances at a glance


send money to each other or a joint account


see and pay bills

upload and categorize receipts.

Buzzter is a MONEYbee, after all.

Never again wonder if there's bread at home.

Sync between devices - add something to your list, it shows up on your partner's!

Add special notes to each item for brand or quantity


Easy to add new items, and check off ones you already bought

Add your grocery receipts to the receipts folder in one tap, and keep track of spending!

Look at that view!

See your calendar and your partners' side by side

Add an event with the option to mark it as joint

Add reminders to your partner's device

Never again accidentally call when your partner is in a meeting

Never accidentally send a photo to your mom that's meant for your partner. 

Private, in-app messaging 

Better device communication between iOS and Android

Tag other parts of the app to quick link your partner to something

Send gifs, emojis, photos, text, videos...

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